For Businesses

Whether you are an entertainment industry veteran or relatively new to the business, we all need help and a safe pair of hands to get to where we want to go

With 25 years of experience in creative business development in tech and across every aspect of the music business, we can provide informed and credible advice, strategy and execution to help you achieve your goals

Do you have an idea or a fledgling start-up you are trying to grow? Are you looking for ways for your established business to scale-up or take advantage of innovation in the space?

We can provide the generalist approach that suits the 'all-hands-to-the-pump' nature of start-up life, as well as being able to apply any one (or combination) of our areas of expertise with laser focus, as required:

  • Sales, Marketing, Branding

  • Strategy, Business Modelling

  • Product Development

  • User Acquisition

  • Licensing, Content Acquisition & Production

  • Talent & Team Building

  • Training, Education, Professional Development

  • Creative & Cultural Consultancy

  • Investment

  • Event (e.g. PoC) production

  • Conference & Trade Events

Areas of Industry Expertise

  • Digital Distribution

  • Rights & Royalties

  • Analytics & Data

  • Sync & Licensing

  • FinTech and Finance

  • Record Labels

  • Artist Management

  • Music Creation & Production

  • Music Education

  • Live

Past Employers & Clients Include

  • Counterpoint Systems

  • Consolidated Independent/State51

  • MusicMetric

  • Revelator

  • Sonosuite

  • Blockpool

  • Family in Music

  • Mubert AI

  • Future Music Forum

  • Interstellar Music Group

  • OpenLive

  • Audio Network

  • Getty Images Music

  • Arising Artist

  • Hoovers Online (Business Intelligence)

  • ML Integration (Telecoms)