B-Boys! B-Girls! B-People! Nice to meet you...

I'm Bacon, or Jeff [I will answer to either], thanks for stopping by

I help the world of business to better understand music, and music to do better business

I've helping labels, distributors, artists and music technology companies to grow for around 25 years, mostly focusing on innovation that improves the experience for creators and consumers

I have extensive experience of working with market leaders and pioneering startups across every aspect of the business. From the backend infrastructure solutions and blockchain (rights & royalties, analytics, distribution, finance) through to creator-oriented platforms (music production, merch, live)

I've created growth for major corporations through to startups with products and ideas that barely existed outside of a slide deck when they crossed my path

I've also earned my stripes at the sharp end of the business - artist management, independent record labels and retailers, grassroots music venues and music media

I call what I do 'creative business development', as while I cut my teeth in sales and marketing, my skillset enables me to make a valuable contribution to every aspect of growing your business

I am a semi-retired microphone botherer who loves the beach, Spanish cuisine, fantasy novels and attempting to make art. I mostly listen to hip-hop, soul, jazz, blues and electronic music but I'm open to all styles. Brian Wilson is God.


American Studies BA; specialising in African American Cultural Anthropology

[Date] - [Date]

University of Reading (UK), University of Mississippi (US)