For Artists & Creators

You're an Artist, Songwriter, Band, Producer, DJ or Remixer? Perhaps you're a Label Manager or Artist Manager?

In the modern music business, there's a good chance you're all of above! There's a lot you can do yourself these days, but DIY doesn't mean working in isolation. We all need a team, whether it's for a single project or something more long term

Do you need help understanding industry stuff like rights and royalties, how to distribute, market and earn income from your music?

Or perhaps you're familiar with most of that but need a deeper understanding of web3 in the context of your music, or assistance with making an impact on the music conference circuit, or advice on how to spin your music into other revenue streams.

Whatever you are doing creatively or to support music creatives we all need help navigating this complex and ever evolving business

We've managed established artists and provided per-project artist services to those just starting out. All while maintaining a finger on the pulse of industry innovation and a keen eye for what really works

Whether you need a one-off informed review and advice session or a more in-depth and hands-on approach, we have options to suit your requirements and budget